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Coaching for companies

1. Stress Management

- Days or half days to learn stress management simple, efficient and easy techniques

During these days, you will learn to stay relaxed in difficult situations or for deadlines,  challenging relationships at work demanding boss's needs.. You need your team to be more relaxed or one of your colleague is searching for an easy way to stay in tune with the team spirit. What you will learn can be applied 5 minutes daily to keep the good results and increase performances.

2. Quick treatment of managers phobias: plane and public speaking

This can be done in one on one session or in groups. 

Average number of sessions : 5 x 2 hours. And impossible to tell you in advance as some people need less work than others. Some people learn chinese in 6 months, others in years. It really is different from one person to another.

3. Quit smoking

2 days done over 21 days. We will use a combination of meridian relaxation and anti-stress  techniques . The body neesd 21 days to adjust to new healthy habits. A conference call is included at D-10 to support the process.

First day: D Day-- 21. We will spend time to think about stop smoking and the fear of craving before considering giving up completely. For many, the cigarette is like an old friend, it's not easy to quit an old friend even a bad one. 

Second day: D Day. The rest of the stress, the rest of the cravings. Decision and confirming it. Organising a support group between participants to help each other within the company. End of day, hypnosis to confirm to the subconcious mind the conscious decision. 

4. Boosting your sales/creativity with the latest tools of emotional tapping and self-hypnosis. (Rest of translation coming soon)

2 half-days:  Vous êtes bloqué dans votre élan vers la réussite par de la jalousie, la peur de dépasser vos limites, la pression d'un supérieur,... Lors de ces demi-journées, on débusquera les blocages et vous serez gonflé à bloc pour booster votre objectif.

5. Gestion du stress post traumatique. 

Séances individuelles ou de groupe si les personnes ont vécu le même traumatisme. 

L'entreprise a fait l'objet d'une restructuration et vous êtes déplacé, vous êtes renvoyé ou vous êtes victime de harcèlement, vous avez vécu un choc au sein de l'entrprise, physique ou autre, ces séances individuelles vous remettront vite le pied à l'étrier pour vous donner à nouveau pour vos employeurs.