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What can be treated with these techniques?

A lack of self-esteem or self-confidence, a loss of weight, stop drinking/smoking, stress, anxiety, anguish, depression, phobias, chronic pains and aches, sexual problems, traumas, insomnia, blockages, allergies, incest, rapes, a lack of performance... .

You change and

Improve your life and:
- increase your self-esteem/self-confidence
- lose weight
- control the pain
- stop smoking
- eliminate inadequate stress
- sleep well
- live better through a chronic disease
- understand the messages sent by your body
- manage your stress
- optimize your sexual life;
- find back memories of childhood, and of your former lives
Reinforce, extend, deepen, develop your:
- intuition
- health
- concentration
- memory
- body image
- reflexes
- creativity (artistic...)
- coordination
- sense of humour
- wealth
- motivations
- physical condition
- sports performance
Eliminate your phobias:
- airplane flights
- vertigo
- examinations
- speaking in public
- agoraphobia
- claustrophobia
- water, fire, insects,...
Find back and replay your dreams under hypnosis:
- recurring dreams
- frustrating dreams
Get rid of your:
- depression