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Hourly rates

Face to face
Sessions are 2 hours long. I prefer this format. 300 € per session.
You can pay in advance or cash. You can pay also with paypal. If so, contact me.
I advise a bi-monthly session but it's up to you.
Phone sessions
Session last one hour and are 175 €.
Follow up sessions can last 30 minutes and cost 90 €.
You pay in advance at the following account 438-9199031-53.
From abroad: BIC code : KREDBEBB. IBAN: BE53 4389 1990 3153.
Session rates for individuals
30 minutes : 90 € (follow up only)
60 minutes : 175 € (phone sessions)
120 minutes : 300 €
EFT Circle - NEW
For people who can't afford individual sessions, this EFT Circle is a wondeful opportunity to heal. The group energy is very powerful when we use energy therapies like EFT and TAT together.  Each one of the prticipants id taken care of but everyone is doing the tapping or TATing with the participant. This circle can be done live or on the phone by conference call.  From 16.00 to 19.00. Contact me if you are interested.
Price: 80 € per afternoon.
Minimum 5 persons, Maximum 10 participants.
For any set up appointment, you need to confirm by email. All  cancellation made 48 hours in advance are reimbursed. Otherwise, you will be charged. This allow space for clients waiting to have an urgent appointment. Sometimes one may be unconsciously reluctant to come  and face its problems and this involvement is a proof of the  client's  willingness to meet himself in the coaching or therapeutic process. For  companies, an order form needs to be signed ahead.