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S. is 48 years old : "I was addicted to sugar all my life. As an adult, I tried to stop eating sugar on my own many times, and each time I tried to give up sugar before doing EFT with Caroline Dubois, I would always give in to my cravings, and then would begin to eat more and more sweets. I was very down on myself for doing this. My weight reached an all time high. I felt very sick and down on myself. When Caroline and I began to do EFT, along with her wonderful insights and guidance, I found out that the sugar cravings came from deep psychological beliefs, instead of just physical cravings. We worked together, and after a few sessions, I found that not only was I no longer craving sugar, I was also much lighter in spirit and happier in my life. I feel that a huge miracle has happened in my life thanks to Caroline, and EFT. I really believe that she saved my life, and I can't recommend this type of therapy enough."
S. Kundicky - Brussels
My sessions with Caroline (including EFT, NLP and hypnosis) have enabled me to tackle many unpleasant issues that have been troubling me for most of my life, preventing me from leading a truly fulfilling existence.  It has taken me more than a year of sessions to get there (20 in all), but I now feel free as my self-destructive urges are a thing of the past and my phobias no longer haunt me on a daily basis.
  For the first few sessions, I would have symptoms such as severe headaches, stomach aches and skin rashes, but these disappeared as I rid myself of painful memories and phobias related to specific traumatic events in my life.
  Thank you, Caroline, for you have helped me to deal with some very traumatic issues for which I will always be grateful.  My life is getting better and better all the time.  Many of my friends/colleagues have noticed a great transformation in me and have commented that I am "glowing".
I am very well and happy.  I will never forget the work we have done together as it has enabled me to progress very far in my life to the extent where I am able to stand up to my family and also walk away from men who I feel are not giving me what I need without feeling guilty that I failed in some way.
  Very warm regards,
T. Kalashnikoff - Brussels
May 2008, J is 60 years old:
I am still practicing EFT, I learned a lot from you (I replayed the CD recorded during the sessions several times) and from the Newsletter I receive from Gary Graig.  My anxiety about her sickness is (mostly) gone, I have put boundaries of what I  still want to do for my employer and something very important happened to me as well.   Sexually, I was completely blocked.  This is all over now, since I applied EFT on a low libido a few months ago, it all changed. We have a normal sex life now and still this morning my husband asked me how it was possible that I changed so much in this respect.  He still can not believe this is a result of EFT but he must admit that it all changed since I applied what I learned from you. I also stress it is thanks to you because your treatment goes so much deeper than the classic psychology.
JM - Flanders  
Besides Caroline Dubois’ softness, luminous presence, ability to listen, comprehend, and competence always enabled me to arise from EFT meetings alleviated and with a feeling of major wellbeing. The tapping not only relieves my physical (backaches and headaches) but also the psychological pains.
M. Roobaert - Brussels
A therapeutic approach very different from the usual approaches and which really brought a lot. Indeed it relieved the burden of my "past" emotions.
V. Tombuyse - Brussels
A quick note to thank you from the bottom of the heart. Day after day, I carry with me the work we did. I am three months pregnant and without in vitro!!! Obviously it was a blockage... Thank you!
T. Fontaine - Brussels

I’d like tell you how much I benefited from the method of tapping that you taught me last Wednesday. That released many things in me: fears flew away, I feel better, less tired, body and spirit lighter... Thanks to you I obtained more results in one hour than in 8 years of medical treatment... With all my heart, thank you. See you on Wednesday for the 2nd meeting. I am already transformed.
B. Dupont

PIANO: Last Tuesday I had the exam for 'samenspelen' (jouer à quatre mains). Result: 90 /100 !!! I tapped before !!! (also took this medicine Inderdal for heart beat control, but it was not the first time). I never had such a calm and confidence in a exam in my whole life !!!! I believe it was the tapping !!!! I'm free !!!!! My husband told me yesterday he thinks I've progressed enormously in the last weeks! And indeed, my fingers are starting to do things I myself don't believe - so fast, so loose, they go to the right notes before I can realize! The play alone, the are "alive", I'm free!!!! This makes me soooo happy and proud! you can't believe ! I have this passion back and I believe I'm capable now! ...

PIANO: one week later. Fantastic progress ! My fingers are so loose, they have a speed I could never dream of before.... I play new pieces much faster, I'm so confident! I have my dream back!  It replaces so many "unpleasant ones".... At the later exam alone I had 85/100, which means also great distinction. For me it was amazing... 4 little mistakes in six pages of music.... I was feeling confident and calm like never before...

About C. Last Saturday I left for a Banking Event in Belgrade. Saturday I was very depressed when I left my house, like if I was afraid of leaving my protection shelf and being left alone with "those terrifying feelings"..... It is the first time I travel without "C" to think/dream of.... And indeed my heart melted down and I got deeply depressed, lonely, frustrated, empty, missed him, sad .... I couldn't believe !!! Then I arrived there, and tapped and tapped and tapped....... Got a bit better...... Went out on Saturday evening with another participant of the Congress, had a nice time, nice talk, was serene and calm. Sunday morning, woke up a bit down again and tapped and tapped.... then remembered one of Craig's histories of shouting when tapping to be sure you deblock yourself! Then Caroline, I started shouting in my hotel room that I did not want to think or suffer for C. anymore, never ever again, and shouted and shouted while tapping........... suddenly it became so funny and magically from deep pain I passed to """pure joy"""" and amusement with the tapping and couldn't stop laughing!!!..... Isn't it amazing and fantastic?????!!!!!! And I swear.... I had a wonderful and happy Sunday with very interesting and fruitfull meetings!

TRIP :   Did EFT all the time.  In Mexico, in a dinner they offered a premium, when picking up the cards with the names of the participants.... I did EFT and.... I won it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  OK, it is something strange: a complete "check-up" in the best hospital of Miami in the amount of USD 1500. I don't need it, but still, this means I'm attracting good things.... (never won anything before...). Interesting..... here I used your idea.... even if I'm afraid other people can get jealous.... they can stand my success.... (I use your EFT for success too). People I met from other banks who did not see me in two years time, were all coming to me and saying how good and more beautiful I looked..... Do you believe it ?

I used the technique in one of the Gary's newsletter before going to the meetings: "Even if I'm running at only ...x%... I deeply and completely ..... "(2 rounds), and then, "I want to release everything that slows my body and spirit down and I love and accept my body and soul deeply and completely ..." (2 rounds) THIS ONE PUTS ME BACK ON 100% OF MY CAPACITY.... difficult to slow down a bit afterwards.... And I feel completely supported by this new discovery of "self-help" with EFT. This is really a magical method ! I know I have this support whenever unpleasant remaining feelings regarding this matter come back ! This is so REASSURING ...!

My tapping today is only towards happiness, forgiveness, success, prosperity for me and my husband... I dedicate more time to my children and I added a painting course to my Agenda from Sept. on. Keeping my mind busy with healthy and happy things only ! I'm starting a new chapter in my life. You've helped me wake up to "reality" Thanks for everything.
M. Lopes - Brussels