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Therapy, life coaching
What is psychotherapy ?

There are many different types of psychotherapy. They are all ways of helping people to overcome stress, emotional problems, relationship problems or troublesome habits. What they have in common is that they are all treatments based on talking to another person and sometimes doing things together. They are the "talking treatments". The person carrying out the treatment is usually called a therapist, the person being seen is usually referred to as the client. In this kind of therapy, additional tools are added to the "talking", accupressure techniques, hypnosis and NLP.
Today, doing a psychotherapy is no longer just restricted to "the sick of the mind", but is now available to anyone who wants to change spiritually or to improve their life. For instance, it can be a person who discovers that he/she always repeats the same patters in his/her emotional life and at some point he/she may wonder whether or not it is unconscious. Or somebody who has a specific problem such as phobia, anxiety, the desire to stop smoking, to lose weight or to improve his/her performances may choose to do psychotherapy or life coaching. Therapy can also be an opportunity to discover new ways of being in relationships.
This individual psychotherapy makes use of efficient tools. One may choose to do some specific (1 to 3 sessions) and/or global work (more introspective, and lasting longer, one year or more if necessary). Guidance/coaching is provided during the sessions. Sportsmen need mental coaching, so do ordinary people.